The Myth of the Not-Self

04 Mar 2022

As coaches healers and people who are passionate about serving the world we're literally surrounded by thousands of people in any given second in the modern world And even though we live in a nexus of connection we don t always experience true community Ever heard the phrase about being the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with If you want to join a community full of likeminded coaches healers and service-based professional who GET IT join our free private Facebook Community We ve done pop-up groups before and we do have a local group but this is the first time that the Quantum Human Design community has an actual place to meet each other support each other and lift each other up and talk about well business In the group you can expect Opportunities to share your page your Instagram we have a thread for this today and your WHY with people just as driven as you A supportive space to ask your business questions validate an idea and share your big wins Live coaching sessions from ME so we can put in place a solid strategy for you to conquer this year A chance to bring the FUN back to entrepreneurship by chatting with people who really get the balance and the quirks that come with owning a business and being a parent sibling caregiver etc

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