The Initiator Manifestor Aura - Part 2of7

04 Mar 2022

This week we re exploring the auras of the different Types and what you need to do to amplify your energy field so that you can be in greater alignment with Life s Intelligence and maintain a greater state of coherence and connection to your Life Purpose Today we re talking about Manifestors I like to call you Initiators Your role in the world is to initiate people into the frequency of transformation and creativity through direct access to the Quantum Field You have an internal non-verbal creative flow that is activated when the timing is aligned Many Initiators are conditioned away from this vital connection to your creative flow When you do not learn to follow your own internal creative flow you lose connection with your natural power and you may experience anger This isn t really anger Anger for the Initiator is a symptom of your creative flow being disrupted repressed or denied If you are an Initiator Type and you experience a lot of anger it may mean that you ve gotten disconnected from your true power To stay healthy and to expand on the quality of your aura Initiators must reclaim and heal their power You will feel more in love with yourself and the world when you allow yourself to follow your internal non-verbal creative flow Just remember to inform You re NOT asking permission You re just letting people know what you re up to Tomorrow we ll talk about Generators I like to call them Alchemists Karen Curry Parker Founder Creator Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System and the Quantum Alignment System Want to learn more about Quantum Human Design

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