The Alchemist Generator Aura - Part 3of7

04 Mar 2022

In Quantum Human Design Generators are called Alchemists The job of the Alchemist is to physically manifest form and mastery on the physical plane If you are an Alchemist Type you are here to be masters of being in bodies You become masterful in life through repetition practice and learning Even if you re not always doing the same thing or perfecting the same skill you are masters of learning how to learn Doing is an essential part of your life experience Your Sacral response is your connection to the Cosmos evolving through you You are designed to follow what feels good and right Most Alchemists are conditioned away from their Sacral You learn to do what you are told or what you should do leaving your inner being feeling frustrated and lacking in vitality Frustration is an important signal for the Alchemist to understand Your frustration is telling you that you re building momentum for what s next on your life path The more frustrated you are the more you are building energy and the harder it is to wait for what you need to respond to next If you re feeling frustrated all the time it may be that you ve settled for doing something that isn t delighting your Sacral and you may need a serious course correction in your life Endurance and learning to trust the unfolding of your life path is essential for staying aligned and for amplifying the quality of your aura If you simply quit every time you re frustrated you will never become the masterful alchemist you are designed to be You love yourself more when you know how to stay the course and tap into true mastery When you learn to trust the process and you interpret the signal of frustration correctly you are in a greater state of coherence that helps you be more receptive to the guidance that life is giving you Karen Curry Parker Founder Creator Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System and the Quantum Alignment System Want to learn more about Quantum Human Design

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