Saturn in 1st house and your life purpose and destiny astrology

29 May 2024

To book a personal session with me a https 3A 2F 2Fcoachkaushal com 2Fbook-a-session 2F a Hari Om ABOUT SATURN AS A 'GRAHA' 'SHANI DEVA' Astronomically Saturn is the planet that is almost at the end of the solar system Yes there are other planets that come beyond it but they're much further away in proportion to the inner planets one the other side of the asteroid belt and then the gas super giants that are Jupiter and Saturn In the solar system Saturn actually plays a huge rule in protecting the Earth from vagrant asteroids that can smash into it and end all life Saturn's gravitation is in many ways a protective shield for the inner solar system In 'Vedic' astrology Saturn or 'Shani' is the planet of hard work struggle stamina resilience business and discipline Saturn can be a very restrictive planet as it teaches through difficulties and often gives the native many problems in the area of life represented by the house that Saturn sits in This is why most people hope to have Saturn in a good placement and giving good results otherwise they fear bad things might happen to them At the very least with a tough Saturn placement people expect a tough life See 'Shani' is the 'deva' of justice and order That is why it is famously said Saturn delays but never denies When Saturn is placed in the first house it is in a naturally debilitated position for him since first house corresponds to the natural sign of 'Aries' where Saturn is debilitated However since it is in the ascendant in the first house it also takes on a very auspicious meaning to itself The planet in the first house becomes central to the personality and life path of the native and hence tries its best to give as auspicious results as it can provided the native is prepared as well to work with the energy of the planets What do I mean by that I mean that if you have let's say the South node 'Ketu' in the ascendant then you need to learn how to 'let go' and embrace the spiritual truth of life more and more as you age and progress Similarly let's say you have Sun in first house you need to learn how to be more righteous 'dharmic' and brave to the point you can make any sacrifice for what is 'right' at a soul level to you Similarly Saturn placed in the first is lending a lot of his qualities to the individual while also challenging him with Saturn's own weaknesses such as being slow thorough and lonely However this doesn't mean that it is necessarily harmful or bad In fact a lot of famous and highly successful rich people in the world have Saturn in the first house If you study them however or if you study their lives you will find a lot of Saturnian patterns usually of 'lack' in some way a high level of 'discipline' 'struggle' and resilience that is not usually seen in people The trick is to learn how to work with the energies of 'Shani' as 'deva' but also study closely the spiritual lessons of his energy as a 'graha' Watch the video to learn more about this placement of Saturn in the first house of birth chart I would encourage viewers to have a healthy and spirited discussion in the comment section so that we can expand more share more on this topic Please be informed that miscreants trolls and impolite uncivil individuals shall be blocked right away I have no tolerance for nonsense This is serious stuff that I have spent my life researching and studying and I expect the same if not more level of reverence for this knowledge and what it can mean for you in terms of the achievement of your destiny and 'moksha'


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