Quantum Human Design Evolution Report January 2022

04 Mar 2022

Welcome to a year of continued upheaval realignment and resiliency This year we continue to work with the energy of Uranus in Taurus inviting us to disassemble infrastructures that no long support the idea that all life is precious and inherently valuable Continue to expect the celestial weather to keep highlighting what needs to come apart before we can begin the process of restructuring Before we take a look at January and what s up on the planet I want to talk briefly about the nature of time and timing There is a lot of ooooohing and aaaaaahing over specific dates in astrology Yes you can often pinpoint major catalytic events by knowing how to interpret the movement of the celestials bodies but the planets just like Tarot cards aren t really telling you what is going to happen they re telling you what you need to do to evolve and how you can maximize your growth with the help of the celestial weather Time isn t always fast In fact on the celestial level time can feel somewhat slow It will take whatever time it takes and if it feels like it s taking too long to make the changes you re craving it might mean that you re trying to force an event or a transformation because you have a hidden agenda When we align with the time and the timing of the Cosmos magic happens but it s magic that runs on Divine Time not necessarily human time January brings us the energy of new beginnings but not necessarily at the new calendar year I have always said that the new calendar years starts with the worst planetary transits for new beginnings We are tense provocative starting things without waiting for alignment lost in ideas and if we don t know how to interpret the key energies of the Sun and Earth we run the risk of running towards goals that make no sense and doom us to fail before we even start It s better to think of the beginning of January as the runway to the take off of the new year when the Sun moves into the Gate 41 the Gate of Imagination on January 22 the start of the Human Design New Year That doesn t mean that the weeks leading up to this event aren t essential for crafting a genuine new beginning but if you re expecting instant change just because the calendar changed you re probably going to be disappointed and self-recriminating Be gentle with yourself There s a lot going on To join us for our Monthly QHD Evolution Report LIVE Broadcasts be sure you're registered HERE

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