Let Go Make Peace With Yourself Heal 432Hz Soft Music With Pure Love Energy Self-Care Healing

06 Jul 2022

Let Go Make Peace With Yourself Heal Through Self-Care Self Love 432 Hz Beautiful Healing Music To Activate Love Soft Music With Pure Love Energy You are worthy of love You are worthy of your own love Welcome Dear Soul We present this soft beautiful and healing 432 Hz music to assist our listeners to deepen their self-love acceptance compassion and worth Through self-love and self-care we heal profoundly Relax deeply and allow this music to gently carry you home to your natural state of love joy and inner peace This content can be used for meditation manifestation prayer sleep or any healing rituals Music based on 432hz will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom Rudolph Steiner Read more about 432 Hz below POSITIVE I AM Affirmations For Deeper Love I allow myself to soften I allow my body to soften I allow my heart to soften I allow my mind to soften I am always safe in my own body I am safe to be me I am a beautiful expression of life I am grateful My life is full of blessings I am grateful for the blessings yet to come I trust that good things are coming to me My heart is open and my faith is strong I trust that everything in my life is unfolding in perfect divine order I am patient and I am persistent I am thankful for the obstacles I have overcome It has given me strength and resilience I am strong and I am resilient I am grateful that I can learn from my mistakes and then let them go I am grateful for Earth and all her gifts that nourishes and sustains me every day Thank you Mother Earth I Love You with all my heart I am happy to be alive I embrace life with all of my heart I am part of something bigger than me I am deeply connected to all of life I am willing to be of service to the greater good of all I exist in all that exists I am the Earth beneath me I am the Sky above me I am the Water within me I am the Air around me I am one with all of life Repeat for 21 days to experience astonishing results

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