History of Communism Documentary

25 Oct 2021

IntroBooks is an online learning platform It brings to you insightful and educational information in the form of articles ebooks audiobooks and videos We invest a lot of time and effort in creating well-researched videos to provide a wealth of information for anyone who yearns for knowledge Subscribe or join our channel so that you can easily get new updates and check our latest postings Not only can you stay updated on topics like History and geography but you can also increase your knowledge about concepts and methodologies used in Physics Chemistry or Mathematics Furthermore on our website a https 3A 2F 2Freadintrobooks com 2F a you can find many educational resources Philosopher and economist Karl Marx was known for his theory of Marxism on which the modern form of communism is based Communism can be defined as the thought of economic equality where the concept of private property doesn t exist The vision of communism was built by Marx on the technological and human possibilities that were available and visible at his time while also considering the fact that it would be adopted by the new socialist society

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