Berlin Germany - 4K Documentary Film - Top European Cities

24 Nov 2021

How many countries or cities have you checked off you BUCKET LIST 4K Urban Life presents you a great opportunity to embark on a fascinating trip to one of the most beautiful towns of Europe -Berlin the capital of Germany Enjoy 30 MIN of this amazing 4K urban documentary film spectate gorgeous views of the town and listen to the inspiring and positive music on the background of the video Your breathtaking experience will begin from the Aleksandplatz 3 04 biggest square and one of the liveliest places in Berlin with shops cinemas restaurants and many attractions within walking distance Look up and see huge Berlin TV Tower 4 35 along with the actual jaw-dropping View from the Berlin Tower 5 26 You will also see the Red Town Hall 7 47 Brandenburg Gate 8 46 with a gorgeous statue on top of it unique design lots of tourists and perfect green lawns of The Reichstag 11 38 Get inspired by the local buildings monuments squares rivers and many other attractions such as Equestrian Statue of Frederick Great 14 17 Humboldt University 15 26 Unter den Linden 16 01 Spreeufer river 18 26 The Old Museum 20 20 the Republic Square 23 59 Last place for you to see will be the modern Potsdamer Platz 25 26 the embodiment of New Berlin It is fascinating to walk around old and new Visit cities and countries without leaving your home Turn your 4K TV play this 4K video relax and find inspiration for travelling around the world Don t miss the chance to visit wonderful Germany while watching this 4K urban documentary From Berlin Germany Europe Video Resolution 4K UHD Equipment used Panasonic GH5 Video Type urban documentary film Producer Roman Khomlyak Filmmaker Editor Mykhailo Feshchak Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating creative hard and challenging work BENEFITS of watching this video INSPIRATION this 4K urban documentary shows the most beautiful places of Berlin thus inspires for visiting them and many other captivating cities all over the world VIRTUAL TRAVELLING Our 4K videos present a great opportunity to travel to many cities and countries of Europe without leaving your home Enjoy it RELAXATION beautiful city views and positive inspiring music is a perfect combination for the best times of relaxation Fill your space with gorgeous views and stay with 4K Urban Life ENTERTAINMNENT this 4K film is perfect when using as a welcoming and entertaining video for your quests visitors patients family and friends Create a unique ambiance around you and explore the world even while staying at home Enjoy the best of Berlin city views on your Oled TV Samsung 4K HDR TV Sony 4K TV LG 4K TV etc Imagine how your space would look like with this wonderful 4K urban documentary film Make your place unique and atmospheric by using it as stunning video walls for a waiting room lobby relax room spa restaurant shopping center hotel lounge office

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