Become a Money Magnet with Human Design

04 Mar 2022

Become a Money Magnet with Human Design You feel deep inside that money can flow to you with ease You have a strong inner knowing that you can be financially successful by just doing what you love You are ready to believe in yourself and your awesomeness fully so you can monetize it You are ready to open the floodgates to give all of you and fully receive all of the financial abundance you deserve You may have seen glimpses of it working or you may carry it as a quiet desire inside Wherever you are on your personal journey with money we will show you how to become a Money Magnet with Human Design It's not about which online funnel you implement It's not about whether you've been doing your work for 1 year or for 20 years It's not about whether we're in a Pandemic or not It's about understanding your Human Design especially the G-Center and what it is magnetizing into your life We all live somewhere between the Unbalanced Expression and the Mastery of the energies in our charts Join Alexandra Danieli and Analena Fuchs Quantum Human Design Specialists in this Quantum Alignment Show as they show us how to identify and move through what is still standing in between YOU and creating financial abundance with ease while doing what you love Alexandra Danieli is a 1 3 Orchestrator Projector and Analena Fuchs is a 2 4 Time Bender Manifesting Generator

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